Reset, Relax, Rejuvenate Retreat

Hotel Komune Resort & Beach Club





Reset, Relax, Rejuvenate Retreat

Hotel Komune Resort & Beach Club




Friday, January 6 to Wednesday January 11, 2023

Fri, January 6 to Wed, January 11, 2023

Yats, I want to GO!

New Year, New Rejuvenated You

There is no better place to revive your life than Bali, a land steeped in ancient spirituality and traditional ways of healing. This tropical island paradise is the perfect backdrop for you to

RESET that hectic life of yours!

Surrounded by beaches, the ocean, lush rice fields, and sacred temples, you will feel yourself

RELAX to a state of ultimate bliss and contentment

Guided by me using the most powerful practices of healing, you will

REJUVENATE your life as if you were being born anew!

The Komune Resort and Beach Club

The Komune Hotel and Beach Club on Bali's gorgeous pristine east coast offers stunning views of the world famous Keramas Surf Break. Featuring pristine volcanic beaches, this 4-star beach resort provides a wonderful relaxing experience in a luxury hotel. This exclusive Balinese resort features luxurious accommodations and artful furnishings that reflect the identity of the Island of the Gods. The beach club has been ranked among the top 5 in Asia and the chef brings his global culinary experience to the dishes. The resort is 50 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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It’s called The Island of the Gods for good reason.

Give yourself the chance of life reimagined on my deeply spiritual, profoundly transformational, 5-night, 6-day journey to rediscover and realign with the true essence of who you really are

My team and I will be guiding you through deep meditations, breathwork, visualizations, and tools to transform your reality. Here is just a taste of the magic ✨


We will connect to our divine energies through sacred feminine and masculine rituals. We’ll bask under the full moon and set intentions for the year to come.

Join us on this enchanting journey, step away from the demands of the world…and choose YOU, choose honouring that heart, soul, and spirit inside of you that so very much desires you live the life of your dreams

Included in the Retreat Journey

  • You will spend 6days and 5 nights at the gorgeous Komune Resort, right on the waterfront on the Island of Gods with workshops, yoga sessions, excursions, spiritual ceremonies, massages, rituals and so much more magic for you to reset, relax and rejuvenate. 
  • Transport will be organised in terms of a pick up from the airport to the resort. This is for group pick ups. (Individual pick ups may incur additional expenses). Check-in will be after 3pm Friday 6th January and checkout before 12 pm Wednesday 11th January.
  • Your accommodation will be a beautiful resort room that you will have all to yourself πŸ˜€. The rooms are earthy and gorgeous, so aligned with that special Bali energy. (upgrades are upon availability) 
  • After you arrive on the evening of the 6th, we will have a special Full Moon Spiritual ceremony, under the light of the beautiful full moon.
  • Nourishing, delicious food will be provided for you over the 6 days of your retreat journey, with fresh ingredients from the local Bali lands. Refreshments will also be taken care of during your stay (however, no alcohol is included).
  • On one day, you will also be pampered with a soothing one hour massage to help you loosen up those muscles, release any tension and tune into your loving body.
Yats, I want to GO!

Workshop and Activities

  • Your retreat experience will be centered around being able to Reset, Relax and Rejuvenate truly, before you have to return back to your usual life routine.
  • The workshops will have a strong spiritual element to them, with powerful rituals being performed, and exercises on subjects like ‘Masculine-Feminine energies’, ‘Listening to the Wisdom of your Body’, ‘Emotional Regulation’, ‘Routine’, ‘Flow’, ‘Movement’, and of course the ever powerful - ‘Creating an Abundant Future’.
  • There will be daily Nervous System healing and regulation, with Yats taking you through some of his own personal meditations and routines.
  • Group conversations will involve sharing to let go, and using the power of co-regulation and community support
  • Bali is known as the ‘Island of The Gods’ because of its powerful spiritual energy and the influence of the ancient Hindu Gods and beautiful temples built. We will be making excursions to go out as a group and visit some of these picturesque temples built on the edge of the water and some even in the middle of the water.
  • This retreat is for you to embed and infuse within you the powerful principles of inner peace and rejuvenation. As such, all the activities will also teach you to truly connect with yourself and the wisdom of your soul, your mind and your body.
  • There will also be daily Yoga sessions - authentic, based on flow, and taken from the powerful Vedic Principles of the East that are guaranteed to allow you to connect with the wisdom of your body.
Yats, I want to GO!

Past Participant Feedback

I loved the retreat. The facility was beautiful and fit the event perfectly. Scheduled events were meaningful and impactful. I appreciated the commitment to positivity no matter what issue was presented. Food was fantastic and I very much enjoyed the fresh juices offered. Looking forward to the next one!

It was an amazing experience. The location, food and course content was spot on. Only thing that I would say is make it longer and a bit more down time. It took me a week to recover πŸ˜‰. Loved meeting you guys in person and meeting new souls who want to heal and grow. Looking forward to the next oneπŸ’–

The retreat for me has been life changing. It has opened up my eyes to so many positive experiences, it’s taken me outside my comfort zone & pushed me into self reflection without distraction. If you are looking to get to know yourself better on every level, this is a must do! The retreat for me has been life changing. It has opened up my eyes to so many positive experiences, it’s taken me outside my comfort zone & pushed me into self reflection without distraction. If you are looking to get to know yourself better on every level, this is a must do!

Your Facilitators

Yats Palat

Yats Palat, is the Director of the Inner Yats group as well as the lead facilitator on the Gauntlet.

Through his experience and deep study, Yats uses his powerful gift of psychoanalysis, with therapeutic techniques designed through tools, meditations, and compassionate inquiries in the Gauntlet to help thousands of people access areas of their lives that need healing. And in the process, he has helped them evolve, find love for themselves first, and then security, safety and connection in their lives and their relationships.

Kristina Kubala

Kristina is a co-facilitator on the Gauntlet where she has guided dozens of people on their healing journey.

She has an extensive background in early child development and has seen first hand the impact of developmental trauma. Kristina has personally worked through & healed her own abandonment trauma, insecure attachment style, over a decade’s worth of eating disorders, and fundamental beliefs of never being good enough.

What’s included in your Premium Retreat Experience

  • 6 Days and 5 Nights at the gorgeous waterfront Komune Resort, on the water in South East Bali
  • A beautiful, chic and relaxing resort room all to yourself. Your space to rest, relax and recharge while you have this beautiful experience.
  • 6 days of spiritual ceremonies, emotional regulation and release, connecting your soul, mind and body, rituals on masculine + feminine, embodying your inner wisdom, designing and creating an abundant life, and more. 
  • Freshly prepared meals for your stay: delicious South East Asian food with fresh ingredients locally sourced (some organically from the resort gardens itself)
  • Yats’ own personal nervous system tools, emotional regulation routines, and inner child connection meditations.
  • Daily Yoga and Flow sessions channeling the Vedic Yogic energy of the East.
  • Intimate connection and conversation for 6 days with retreat leaders Yats and Kristina.
  • Pick up from the Denpasar airport and transport to the Komune resort.
  • Excursions to Balinese Temples and the spiritual lands of the Island of Gods.
  • A 1 hr Massage to help you release the tension stored in your muscles, helping you process during your retreat journey
  • Relaxing time at the pool, the lawns and the beach.
  • And as always - the ability to make lifelong connections within this powerful healing community πŸ˜€


*Alcohol is not included but is available to purchase at the Resort. However the facilitators will advise not to partake on certain days where the workshops require grounding and large amounts of internal energy.

* 2-Pay Option available in checkout


$6997 $5997 ($1000 2 PERSON DISCOUNT)


Payment plans available

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