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The Emotional Freedom Collective

Join us on our live calls this month:


Tuesdays: April 4 & 14

8:30 PM EDT


What is The Emotional Freedom Collective?

✅ A community to feel true safety
✅ Introspection to discover one's wounds & pain
✅ Tools & techniques to regulate the nervous system
✅ Education where attachments limit self discovery
✅ The opportunity to work on one's healing journey.

Come join the EFC, and elevate your life, your love and your healing. 

Step Into Your Emotional Freedom Today

Here's a snippet from one of our live Q&As.

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Watch this snippet from the first Lesson: 

Lessons included:
1. Recognizing Your Purpose
2. Regulating the Nervous System
3. Building Self-awareness
4. Compassion & Self-appreciation
5. Creating the Safe & Trusting Space

Step Into Your Emotional Freedom Today


For a limited time, when you join, receive this awareness enhancing daily Reflection & Workbook Guide by The Inner Yats.


Day 4 Thursday: Self-Appreciation & Affirmations:
Today’s affirmation: I accept that I am on my healing journey, I am strong, I am brave and I know I have the strength to see and learn my lessons. Write the statement below & make a conscious effort to say this to yourself throughout the day.

Day 11 Monday Breathwork:
Create 2 minutes in your day to have just by yourself. Find a quiet space, sit with your spine erect, and simply breathe in for 5 seconds through your nose, hold at the top for 8 seconds and breathe out through your nose again for 6 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes (or if possible more, up to 5 min). How do you feel after?

Join this loving collective for your emotional growth, founded by Yats Palat…

Each month you'll have access to:

  • Live workshops: We cover topics such as  finding love within ourselves and mirroring this love within our relationships, drawing boundaries, identifying the signs of rewarding romantic relationships, dealing with rejection and betrayal, how to view yourself with more self worth and confidence, how to accept more of your truth and develop self belief, how to reparent ourselves and so much more...
  • Meditations: The Emotional Freedom Collective members have exclusive access to specialized meditations, focused on: connecting to the inner child, regulating the nervous system and self-grounding.
  • You Ask Yats Calls: These interactive 60-90 minute calls are where you can bring forward what’s troubling you in your world. These calls happen twice a month and bring about a wonderful sense of community, connection and development.
  • Exclusive video content: These valuable and topic-focused videos are exclusive to members and cannot be found anywhere else. The content varies from course leader discussions on notable topics through to micro workshops that will aid in your journey to inner peace. The video content will also include past live workshops, meaning that you don’t ever miss a thing!

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  1. Conditioning that creates our identity
  2. Self Regulation and experiencing emotions safely
  3. Dating in the modern world
  4. Law of Attraction
  5. Mind-Body Connection
  6. Finding your joy
  7. Communication between attachment styles
  8. Understanding your partner
  9. Self-care practices, discipline & commitment
  10. Interpretation of the present day based on the past wounds and triggers
  11. Creating Healthy Masculine & Feminine Energy
  12. Reparenting and more...



  • You feel stuck in a cycle of attracting unfulfilling relationships
  • You are suffering with pain, trauma or rejection and feel ready to break out of this
  • You find yourself in self-destructive patterns, or doubt yourself, and often feel you deserve less than others
  • You want to feel more confident in drawing boundaries, having the power to say no, and attracting inner peace
  • You want to release yourself from shame and dissolve resentment
  • You want to step into the highest version of yourself and live a positive, contented, happier life

Here's a another sample from one of our Q&A sessions. You're invited to ask your own questions on our live sessions twice a month.

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As well as all of the above, members of The EFC are invited to communicate their own stories, wounds and methods of healing.
We put emphasis on this being a community, a safe space in which you can freely be yourself and be inspired by other people’s healing too.
We provide tools and knowledge that can change your life. And you’ll make connections that support your growth and inner work.
Everything you learn here will truly last a lifetime.


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As a founding member, you’ll be one of the first to see and access exclusive material. 


My biggest takeaway was validation of my feelings, and encouragement to keep moving forward with learning how to heal and properly love myself. Yats even validated my self awareness without saying it by how he drove the conversation and the questions he asked. I feel very comforted right now." ~Amber

“My limiting patterns no longer impact my decision making! I’ve been more compassionate to myself and able to be more vulnerable in my relationships and friendships. An absolute game changer.” - Anastasia

Disclaimer: Results listed above in our marketing material are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

Note: phone numbers are not shared outside The Inner Yats. Used only for EFC notifications and occasional SMS affirmations.

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