Break Free from Lack Of Intimacy, Fear Of Rejection, Low Self-Worth And Anxiety So You Can Truly Love Yourself And Create New, Healthy Patterns And Responses In Your Life And In Your Relationships!

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Are any of these true for you?

  • You've been putting others first your whole life, so you feel guilty when you choose yourself
  • You're attracted to emotionally unavailable people
  • You fear rejection, abandonment and loss
  • You wear a mask for emotional protection which prevents you from intimacy
  • You tend to seek validation through less than healthy choices
  • You’re not feeling confident in setting healthy boundaries
  • Your anxiety drives you to repeat destructive patterns

Imagine how you would feel if you could...

  • Open your heart to the love you truly deserve
  • Feel safe to experience your feelings and emotions
  • Become less reactive and grow from your awareness and understanding of your triggers
  • Feel more grounded and self-confident
  • Feel more in the flow of life
  • Break self-destructive habits
  • Improve your relationships
  • Just love yourself for being you

The Good News Is...

You can change and live the happy, healthy and loving life you deserve.

In the Blueprint course you will learn to uproot and heal the core wounds that cause all your patterns in life.

It’s everything you need to know about your inner-work journey.

In this self-paced online course, you will be guided step-by-step using our unique Emotional Freedom Formula to help you make lasting and permanent change in your life. This is the same formula we use in our highly successful signature Gauntlet program. Not everyone can afford this full immersion program, so we’ve developed this self-paced “Blueprint” course. Hundreds of people have already used my Emotional Freedom Formula to fast-track their personal growth and gain huge personal transformation. The content in this course is not available anywhere else.

Just remember, your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are like clothes. They’re not who you are, they’re just what you’re wearing in the moment.

Are you ready to fast-track your self-growth?

If you've been following me, you know I'm a straight shooter, and I don't hold back or have a fluffy BS approach...

And let's be real... the healing journey can be hard as hell. Which is why you need the right tools and guidance to give you the best edge, and I want to acknowledge you for seeking that out.

You've probably made it to this page because you resonate with my content and my work. Perhaps I've provided you with some value on the Gram and it moved you enough to seek out more for yourself, to make a real, lasting change in your life and in your relationships. Or maybe a friend or family member referred you to me.

Whether you just got out of a relationship, your current relationship is volatile or unfulfilling, you're noticing and getting tired of the exhausting patterns in your life and feel stuck, you're curious about healing from the core wound, or perhaps you've been on your inner journey for a while but want to go even deeper...

The truth is...

Most courses and programs out there are focused on THE SYMPTOMS.

Which is why we need to go deeper to understand and uproot the CORE WOUND that created and continues to perpetuate all our patterns and problems in life. Otherwise, we're going to recycle the same painful experiences, negative thoughts, and debilitating emotions.

You know I don't BS around, so I'm telling you right now that the amount of work I've put into this and the amount of truly life-changing value you will get is beyond what I ever thought I would be sharing in one course.

Imagine getting inside my head and having MY understanding of all things inner work and healing! By the time you graduate your head is going to be spinning with knowledge, in the best way of course ;)

What my students are saying:

“A course for clarity to put into perspective rationally some of the reasons why we do things. Davinder S. 

“If you want to learn to truly love yourself and grasp why you feel and behave in ways that bring stress, anxiety, depression, etc., then this is the course for you.” Alex G.     
“This course will set you on a life-changing journey to know and love yourself. I now have the ability to show up for myself and create the life I want."  Brian T.       

From the creator of The Gauntlet, presenting -- The Ultimate Self-love and Inner-Work Blueprint, a guided transformational journey focused around how to uproot and heal your core wounds that cause all your patterns in life and in relationships.


Check out the insane amount of knowledge I'll be sharing with you...

(Don't worry, we'll break it down into easily digestible, bite-size chunks so literally anyone can follow along)

Module 1: The Foundation

Module 1 is all about prepping you for the journey. We're going to discuss the common pitfalls that people fall into and how to prevent that.

I'll be sharing with you SIX tools you absolutely must have in your toolkit when you do the inner work. 

When you have these, we'll be able to go into the depths of this work deeper, more fluidly and with more grace.

Essentially, I'll be providing you with the scuba gear so we can deep dive together. Without these tools is like trying to fish for sharks at the bottom of the ocean naked. YOU WITH ME? LET'S GET YOU STRAPPED SOLDIER! JK, I'm actually gentle and safe when it comes to diving deeply, which is required for this work. Safe space is EVERYTHING.



Module 2: The Core Wound


In Module 2, I will discuss and dissect the core wound in detail which has 3 parts. 

Then, we will do a powerful exercise together where we locate yours. I'll be guiding you into a theta brain wave state where we can tap into the subconscious mind.

When we discover our core wound, the healing journey suddenly makes a lot more sense. We can see why all of our patterns and problems occur, and it now gives us an opportunity to heal from it once and for all instead of blindly managing the symptoms.

Module 3: Shadow Work

A huge part of the inner work is really about meeting the parts of yourself you've dissociated from, shamed, shunned, hidden away... and begin loving them.To integrate all of yourself into a whole and complete human being with flaws and all.

This module is an intro to shadow work so we can start to identify our unconscious belief systems and repressed emotions.

We'll do another deep exercise here around locating things in our shadow.

Module 4: Socio-Cultural Conditioning & Collective Belief Systems

In order to do shadow work effectively, we need to know what forces influence our collective and personal belief systems. The insights gained here can shed light on why we, our families, and our society, think the way we do. We'll start to question these beliefs and choose whether or not we want to continue believing what we inherited from the external. We'll step into our autonomy and truly become free-thinkers.

Module 5: Familial Conditioning

I intentionally put familial conditioning after socio-cultural because now you'll see some of the factors that have shaped your parent's belief systems, and why they may have projected them onto you.

In module 5 we are going to go super deep, all the way back to when we were babies and how our subconscious minds were programmed. Did you know from ages 0-6 we are in delta and theta brain wave states absorbing literally everything directly into our subconscious?

We're going to dissect the identity we created as a child and the beliefs we inherited from family, and consciously choose who we want to be now as we free ourselves from their previous influence.


Module 6: Trauma, Polyvagal Theory, & Attachment Styles

In this module we are going to dive into trauma and what that really means. How we internalize the pain and what it does to our nervous system.

We'll also be covering what defense mechanisms we created to protect us from ever feeling that pain again, which leads us into Polyvagal Theory and Attachment Styles.

Understanding this will be a critical part in understanding how you've shown up in your life and what you needed to feel safe and regulated. You'll be able to get crystal clear on your patterns and behavior.

Module 7: The Less Obvious Survival Programs

In this module I'm going to share with you 20 less obvious survival programs. When you understand these and see them in yourself, you'll be able to see how all your thoughts, actions, behaviors, and reactions... literally everything comes back to the core wound and how you respond to the anticipation of feeling that pain again.

As you become more and more aware of yourself, you'll train yourself to stop your patterns in real time. Just make sure to offer yourself grace when you catch yourself in any of these survival programs. 

Module 8: Emotions, Interpretations, Beliefs, & How We Create Our Experience of Reality

In this section we're going to get an advanced level of understanding around our emotions and how we create our experience of reality.

We'll learn about confirmation bias, how our intuition gets muddled, how we can't always trust our emotions, and how to perform emotional alchemy - turning pain into power.

Module 9: Inner Child Healing & Emotional Release

A lot of us are adults with unresolved inner child wounds. This module is particularly important because we'll do two exercises. The awareness we've gained from the previous modules is crucial in doing these exercises as I'll be taking you back into a theta brain wave state as your inner child and help you release the emotions and psychological effects of the past. Prepare to embrace your inner child in the most love you've ever felt!


Module 10: Self-Regulation

One of the effects of our core wound is that our nervous system gets dysregulated. Because of that, we live in survival mode, sometimes without even knowing it, and get triggered often. Self-regulation is extremely important as it helps us regulate the nervous system and self-soothe. In this module I'll be discussing the best ways to self-regulate and walk you through some examples!


Module 11: Co-Regulation & Disconfirmation

In this module we will discuss two extremely powerful and rarely talked about healing modalities. I'll take you through a disconfirmation exercise that brings you back into the truth of who you are, raises your vibration, and becomes a gift you get to take with you for the rest of your life.


Module 12: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, & Self-Forgiveness

In this module we will be discussing what self-love really is and how to accept and forgive yourself fully. When you understand the information in the previous modules and how it applies to you and your life, self-love becomes a lot easier, and through that, our relationships with others get much deeper and full of love.

(How great is this picture though?!)


Module 13: Self-Worth, Reparenting, & Boundaries

In this module we will discuss self-worth from multiple perspectives. Why you have worth simply because you exist, and how to build it and believe you have it from within.

I'll show you the best ways to reparent yourself and what that looks like, as well as teach you all about how to set healthy boundaries and what you're actually setting them around. I'll also teach you how to disarm other people's egos so you can be heard and respected.

Module 14: Integration, Maintenance, & The Future

This module is all about how to set you up for success after the course is over. I'll arm you with the strategies you can use to live your life in the frequency of love, become the creator of your life, master your emotions, open up to intimacy, and have fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.


Right now is the best time to jump in.

Seriously. COVID is giving us all this incredible opportunity to dive inward and do this work.

This is the step-by-step process that will help you uproot the core wound, truly love yourself, and create new, healthy patterns and responses in your life and in your relationships.


Your Instructor: MYLES SCOTT

Relationship & Inner-Work Coach


Through Myles's ability to convey the complex inner workings of the mind and heart, he has helped countless people understand themselves more deeply and heal from the core wounds that cause and perpetuate all their problems in life and in relationships.

He has been sought after to speak on dozens of podcasts and featured in numerous articles including BUSTLE Magazine. He has also been personally interviewed on talk shows like Good Morning LaLa Land in Los Angeles.

His unique approach to healing combines the most effective modalities available and some powerful ones of his own, in a proven blueprint for your emotional freedom journey. 

Here's everything you get when your enroll:

  • Access to the Ultimate Self-Love & Inner Work Blueprint: A 14 Module self-paced online course
  • Access to the course from any device so you can experience it from anywhere, anytime
  • Bonus 1: 129 Page transformational Blueprint PDF Workbook with Journaling prompts
  • Bonus 2: Audio files of the modules for listening on-the-go
  • Bonus 3: Guided meditations for reducing stress and anxiety, letting go, and experiencing deep gratitude


I want this work to be more accessible and I want YOU to have your breakthroughs. That is so, so rewarding for me.

Choose to empower your life today. 

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What my students are saying:

"People often say "do the work" but don't tell you how to do it. This course tells you not only what to do but how to do it. It's a solution-based course. After completing the course, I feel liberated.” Juan C.
My biggest revelation is that I am enough & because of that I am becoming more aware of my worth & who I am as a person to myself in this continuous journey of growth.  Karen
"Would definitely recommend, and I would tell them to prepare to be mind blown." Aliyah
"I am so much more aware of who I am and am excited that I now finally have the tools/knowledge to truly grow and let go of my past."  Scott B.
"I am way more confident. Also, I have better tools to deal with my emotions and address my inner wounds." Matthew F.

So what are you waiting for?

You've read this far. There is nothing more I can tell you. I know you’re interested in learning exactly how to heal from the inside out, so let's fast track your self-love journey! This really is the Holy Grail of healing that shows you the core wound, what caused it, and the exact process on how to heal from it...Say, "YES", and start living your best life!