Let Go & Let Flow

Tulum, Mexico - Amansala Resort


May 2022


The Let Go & Let Flow Retreat was an experience that exceeded far beyond what I ever could have imagined. 25 of us traveled to the sacred healing Mayan lands and waters of Tulum in Mexico.

It was an event full of releasing past pain, healing old trauma, and stepping into

I literally witnessed the light come back and illuminate the faces of each person in this space. What my team and I created was a safe space, a space so warm and nurturing that strangers bonded over their deepest truths, their scariest fears, and their secret wishes for the future. They were met with such support and acceptance that their true selves were able to shine through, past all of the conditioning telling them how they’re “supposed” to be or act. I had the incredible honour of watching their souls and spirits emerge before my eyes.

The collective energy was nothing short of sensational. 

We incorporated my most coveted healing modalities and funnest play practices to create the perfect balance of healing and . This master formula is how we were able to transcend living and expand into thriving in real time, in real life.

I send my deepest gratitude to these beautiful beings who entrusted me with their healing journey. I am forever awed by the power and grace and infinite love of humanity.

We are enough ❤️

I loved the retreat. The facility was beautiful and fit the event perfectly. Scheduled events were meaningful and impactful. I appreciated the commitment to positivity no matter what issue was presented. Food was fantastic and I very much enjoyed the fresh juices offered. Looking forward to the next one! – Jen

Every Single One of You Made This Amazing!


The Tulum retreat for me has been life changing. It has opened up my eyes to so many positive experiences, it’s taken me outside my comfort zone & pushed me into self reflection without distraction. The entire team was incredibly supportive, caring & put their heart & soul into making this a great experience. There was the perfect balance between inner work, deep reflection & just plain fun. The team building exercises & the free spirited fun made my inner child rejoice! I learned so much, and feel like I’ve come back from Tulum a different person, with more self love, confident, self worth than I ever have had in my entire life. If you’re considering a retreat with Inner Yats, don’t hesitate - do it! You’ll thank yourself after. I am planning to attend future events. I want to continue my healing journey, and this group is a large part of my plan. Everything from the setting, resort, food, drinks, social events, workshops was so well thought out. I cannot rave about the food enough, it was all so tasty, well balanced & healthy! Thank you so much Yats, Kristina & Kyle! You all

It was an amazing experience in my opinion. The location, food and course content was spot on. Only thing that I would say is make it longer 😉 Loved meeting you guys in person and meeting new souls who want to heal and grow. Looking forward to the next one💖 - Brenda