Are You Ready To Live The Life You Truly Deserve And Invite Love And Fulfilment Into Your Relationships?



A Healing Inner Work Journey through an 8-wk Immersive Live Coaching Program

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This program is for you if...

You are looking to heal those deep wounds, but don’t know where to begin.
If you are feeling stuck and you find yourself repeating old, destructive patterns and you’re attracting the same kind of dysfunctional relationships.
It’s also for you if you’re feeling anxious with a lack of confidence, battling a sense of low self worth  or having trouble setting boundaries.
  • Self-Love
  • Profoundly increasing levels of self-awareness
  • Shadow Work
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Relationship Patterns
  • Attachment Theory & Core Wounds
  • Emotional Release
  • Reparenting
  • Discovering who you really are
  • Clarity around your past, present, and future
  • Strengthening self-worth, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-acceptance and more
  • Overcoming resistance, fears, anxiety, abandonment, rejection, codependent tendencies, avoidance, and more
  • Dissolving the barriers you've erected that keep you from letting love in
  • Rewiring the patterns and healing the
    wounds that cause your triggers and projections
  • And so much more...

Going through the 8 weeks of the Gauntlet, you will :


Create a strong identity with high levels of Self- Love & Belief


Journey towards Emotional Freedom


Reparent yourself, by healing wounds and traumas


Rewire the patterns and heal the wounds that cause your triggers and projections


Overcome resistance, fears, anxiety, abandonment, rejection, codependent tendencies, avoidance


Profoundly increase your level of self-awareness


Dissolve the barriers you've erected that keep you from letting love in


Strengthen your self-worth, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-acceptance

The Gauntlet signature C.A.R.E process:

  • Co-regulaton: creating collective safety for healing

  • Abundance: changing wounded beliefs to an attitude of "deserving the best"

  • Reparenting: connecting with the inner child to heal wounds and patterns of conditioning

  • Empowerment: taking responsibility of attracting better relationships and a better future.

Witness the powerful transformational changes these graduates have experienced:


What the Gauntlet journey will take you through:

  • 16 live Group sessions with facilitators in a safe container  
  • 14 practical tools for healing during the process
  • 8 chapters educational video library + 2 weeks bonus content
  • 3 days of Accountability partner conversations per week
  • 2 weekly journaling / reflecting prompts per week
  • Daily self-love routine
  • Multiple breathing techniques for nervous system regulation/ release, including Om vibrational breathing, Box breathing, Holotropic breathing etc.
  • Compassionate inquiry with facilitators
  • Community development on a platform (Discord) for engagement, accountability, support
  • Attachment theory and core wound healing
  • Shame and Resentment release
  • Building of internal security + high self worth
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  • 30-60 hrs of Transformative & Introspective Journaling Prompts
  • Rotating Accountability Partners AND accountability/commitment check-ins
  • Daily Assignments & Effective Self-Love Routine
  • Tools for every part of your journey
  • A database of supporting education including meditation videos, exercise practice techniques, tools and more!!
  • A priceless journey like nothing you've ever experienced, with people who started out as strangers but became life-long friends at the end!

Meet Your Facilitators and Support Coaches!

Yats "The Connector" Palat

Lead Facilitator

Yats is a master connector who's biggest mission is to show people the power they have within to choose their best lives. He has taken hundreds of people and teams through their journeys of inner work and healing through various avenues - private, group, and public delivering training and talks including a TEDx talk.

Kristina "Koobie" Kubala

Support Coach

Prior to being a support coach on the Gauntlet, Kristina was a leader in the post-Gauntlet community program: the Bridge, where she guided and worked with dozens of Gauntlet graduates to facilitate the continuation of their healing journey. 

More Student Testimonials

“If you are ready for the investment to change your life, this is the real deal. This team provides a safe space, accountability, tools which are beyond helpful and so much support! I'm graduating as a better me! I can't thank Yats and Kristina enough for all they have taught me! This program is definitely worth your time and money!”

- Shivani, Gauntlet Graduate

“I am feeling as close to 10/10 that I’ve felt in years. Thanks to this group and program, I’m starting to grasp what living consciously means”

- Mike, Gauntlet Graduate

“We faced fears, shame, doubt, and stepped into our personal power. Could we have done this alone? Maybe... If you wanted to wait another 5 years...”

- Sher, Gauntlet Graduate

A few words before you schedule your free coaching session:

The Gauntlet program is only for people who truly desire to do the deep inner work. Are you ready to commit your time and resources to your growth?

We are ready to help you to live the life you truly deserve so you can bring love and fulfilment into your relationships.

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