I'm Yats Palat and This Is My Story

You're probably wondering why I do what I do, and even more importantly - why you should trust me.

So, I'll be a bit vulnerable and tell you little about myself ...

My journey through the inner work began unconsciously as a young boy. 

I had an unobvious tough childhood at home. 

There was a lot of physical abuse at home that seemed to be justified because of my bad behaviour (which actually just perpetuated it) and justified by the cultural conditioning, growing up in India.

Ultimately, I was sent away to boarding school. I wish I knew how much that feeling of abandonment and feeling not worthy of love but being worthy of abuse,  would have motivated the relationships for the rest of my life.

As I moved forward in my life, those childhood wounds attracted a series of circumstances in my life, where I was subconsciously always trying to “prove” myself, so that I could finally get my mother’s love. 

I attracted situations and relationships where I set myself up for failure before I even stepped into them. Relationship after relationship ended…in a lot of pain, a lot of coping mechanisms, a lot of additional trauma- even the spiral of depression.

But those moments and all that trauma, left me with a lot of lessons. And these are the lessons that I used to motivate me to study my own life, my own subconscious and ego motivations. 

I worked with therapists, Yogis (in India), and healers of all sorts who helped me heal and understand how the body, the brain and the nervous system play such a big part in manifesting our emotions and in healing from our trauma. I had mentors I reached out to who taught me the power of psychoanalysis and internal reflection. Studying and practice of relational dynamics, internal belief systems, social psychology, attachment theory, nervous system regulations, trauma healing, shadow work, meditations and so much more, became routine. I went to retreats, inner work programs, courses... And I had the best canvas to work on, with all the past stories that needed healing and letting go : myself. 

People ask me : “what is it that gave you this ability to see people’s wounds, to motivate and to guide them?” and I say “ My own trauma. Lot’s and lot’s of it.” And that’s the truth. Because I wanted to live a more evolved life, I’ve recognized where I’ve had to heal and grow. And I’ve learned the techniques to do so.

That’s why I’m here. I’ve taken hundreds of people, personally and in groups through powerful inner work journeys. Through their journeys, they finally discover their most authentic nature... Their worth... Their value. And so every decision they make now, they make from that place of high value and worth.  And it gives them a life that they truly enjoy.. with it’s challenges of course, but with authentic love, connection and appreciation, especially for themselves.

And that’s what I want for you.

With love, ♥

~ Yats